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WEATHER OUTLOOK TREND    2 week trending

    WEEK ENDING Friday 3/10/2000

                Normal to above normal Temps   Normal now 30 low high 50

                colder for the weekend

                grooming ability on cold nights

     Week Ending Friday March 17, 2000

                Normal  temps

                Maybe a cold 2 day spell




 Conditions Update 3/9/2000  it ain't over till it's mud!!!!

LIBERTY 50% open 10 to 20 base,   Roundtop 50% open 10 to 20 inch base  Thin coverage and brown spots.

 3/9/2000 12pm  LOCAL SKI CONDTIONS RATE     C 

                                 40% or more Trails open,  MG  FG wet in afternoon  

                                   10 inch or greater bases    Thin spots and thin coverage   


3/5/2000  Sunday Roundtop. Good parking, no lines , no crowds. More thin areas than Liberty. More brown snow. But not bad for spring skiing. Ate outside on the deck..beautiful and sunny.

3/3/2000    I was at Liberty. Best coverage some thin areas on Lower Strata, White Lightning. Mash potato in the afternoon tightens up at night. No crowds, no lines...not bad. Good workout. Great parking.

2/27/2000     Ski Liberty VEry foggy on the back side.  Many moguls on heaveanly the upper part.  Use sidewinder to avoid.   Hard to see enough ahead to make the turns.  Once midpoint down the trails really nice for sping snow.  Also the fog was not as bad.  Strata was closed and some areas were marked due to spotty coverage.  Whitetail report from over the weekend..Mr. Chris..same foggy.  Only one black open, 2 on the main front.  many mogals no grooming. about 50% open.   Weather looks like a cold push this weekend and after the 14 th of march..When it is below 30 the grooming works better.

2/20/2000    Ski Liberty Triple Crown race.   Came in third won 3 lift tickets to Whitetail.  conditions were frozen granular small size wet in afternoon, many mogals on heavy traffic runs. The crud is harder to work with and will tire you out faster.  Quit when tired avoid injuries. Minimal lift lines if any at all.  NASTAR  - SILVER.  

2/19/2000 SKI Roundtop WSI race.  Came in 6th place, Eric raced and came in 3rd.  NASTAR DNF 3 for 3.   Good falls jammed my right thumb. Plulled left groin. conditions were frozen granular small size wet in afternoon, many mogals on heavy traffic runs. The crud is harder to work with and will tire you out faster.

2/13/2000 Ski Liberty Triple Crown race.   Came in third won 2 lift tickets to WISP.  Good conditions frozen granular small size. Minimal lift lines if any at all. Medium crowd. NASTAR  - SILVER.   Eric got a Gold in NASTAR.  Next weekend WSI Roundtop and Liberty Triple Crown on SUNday.

2/12/2000 Blue Knob, WSI race.  My first slalom. oN ice bed no less.  But I fell never quit.  came in 2nd [place with 4 guys in my age class. No gimme here.  Still some rocks in the trails..I wish the groomer ran slower hint....I stayed in Bedford at the Super8 Motel about 43$. Place had a jacuzzi..Ate at the china house down the street.  About 20 mins from blue Knob.

2/9/2000 Ski Liberty  race camp.   the skating push off.. also got a Silver in NASTAR.  Hard packed snow was the call for tonight . Nice and fast.

2/6/2000 Ski Liberty- Triple Crown race.   Came in 5th but won 2 lift tickets to roundtop.  Great snow good conditions...TIP Once you get to the back of the mtn stay there the bathrooms are open at the south pole snack house.  Snack house and mtn top grill are open so you don't have to get to the front side.  Wed ski liberty race camp, SAt blue Knob WSI race, SUn Liberty triple crown.  See you on the slopes.

2/5/2000 Ski Whitetail - WSI RACE. Came in 3rd Bronze and a Bronze for NASTAR.  Was able to ski the expert side for the first time..I liked it the only thing is there isn't much distance off the bottom pitch till the lift so hit the brakes early.  Also crowded on intermediate and expert slopes after 12 noon. Go early to avoid the crowds. Also mtn faces south full sun once it is up so it becomes soft on the trail after 11 am.

2/2/2000  Ski Liberty- Race training on White Lighting. More drills . more balance and angulation. Ran gates too. Went with 3 other buddies.  All trails were open. No lift lines. Great conditions.

1/30/2000  SKI LIBERTY..Well some light snow in the AM. Route 140 passable.  Skied NASTAR for SILVER all 3 runs. By 1: pm the snow was coming down dropped about 5 inches of powder. No crowds no lift lines.  Left at 4:30 pm.  Route 40 still passable...speed limit (40 mph)...under the posted by 15 MPH. took an extra half hour.  Will be up on Wed for race training.

1/29/2000   SKI ROUNDTOP a play day.  I did do NASTAR 8 runs. for 2 runs I used the blizzard skis (both silver) 2 runs demo of K2 MERLIN VI (Both silver) 2 runs on dynastar 4x4 GS ski (1 gold 1 Silver) 2 runs on my k2 trc (2 silvers). I made my goal this year of at least one GOLD.  I am consistant in the SILVER medal in NASTAR at any ski resort. 100 % open all reuns in great shape snow conditions were perfect.

Watch the crowds...Liberty, Whitetail sold out by noon Sat.  Roundtop was near or at capacity too.  As the crowds pick up the moguls will too.  They ran out of rentals by noon.  Lift line were 10 to 15 minutes...Use the singles line it will move faster.

1/26/2000  Ski Liberty race camp. The powder from yesterday has been groomed. LOWER STRATAS was opened for the first time in 5 years... a nice run.  100 percent open.  some lines but below 5 min wait. Snowmaking on selected trails.

1/25/2000    Ski Liberty...Ah a day off and powder.  Nothing groomed today just powder.  Roads not too bad. Just take your time.  Found virgin powder and many a soft mogal.

1/23/2000     Ski Roundtop.   WSI race came in 4th place.  Picked up 2 new members for NASTAR TEAM ZARDOZ. See the race team section.  Also raced nastar got a bronze.  Good weekend for TEAM ZARDOZ. 2 bronze 2, silver.  Roundtop was 100 percent. No crowds no lift lines.

1/22/2000    Ski Liberty.   WSI race not to good came in last. Nastar not the best at all.  Some lines in the afternoon.

Great conditions.

1/19/2000 Ski Liberty. Race camp. Well they really have a nice base and opened more trails.  Expect more trails to open this weekend.  No crowds. no lift lines. perfect for carving.  I will be racing at liberty sat and sunday.  Wish me luck.  The extra 6 inch snow really helps...get out and get some powder.  Oh Police radar..taneytown local police on the way back from liberty at night sets a trap just outside of town by the dressler pump factory..He had a few people last night.

1/17/2000  Ski Roundtop.  No crowds..maybe the wind chill...nasty.  But the slopes were great . MG PP not too much ice.  Lift lines 3 mins or less.  Amanda and I didn't do many runs since it was so cold. 

1/16/2000  Ski Liberty..Wow a big crowd today and in the evening. lift lines about 5 mins. MG PP with ice patches / mogals due to heavy skier traffic.  The wind picked up late and blew most of the snow off the base on the front.  Much ice at that point.  Still not bad but I had to ski slower due to traffic.

1/15/2000  Seven Springs. WSI GS race  I came in 8th place. They made plenty of snow. MG PP with FG secondary.  No glade skiing due to lack of natural snow.  More than 70% open.   Crowds showed up with lift lines less than 5 mins.

1/12/2000  Ski Liberty.  Wow very nice conditions. Not crowded. No lift lines. MG PP with frozen gran top.  Good for race training.  I had ski race camp.  Amazing what 2 hours will do with a good coach.  We had a group of 5.  I ran 8 runs and learned when to initiate my turns.  If you haven't been skiing because you think there isn't any snow....Come up and suprise yourself... The long weekend looks perfect for snowmaking, opening new trails, so go out and enjoy yourself.

1/8/2000 Blue Knob Washington Ski International GS race.  Snow temp 27 degrees, Air temp 34

We skied the race on Deer Run.. I came in third for mens 30-39 with a time of 33.40.  The conditions at Blue Knob were a C if that.   Even though Blue Knob is famous for the rock gravel in the snow...I found more rocks than ever...thin cover in places. Only a third of the trails open.  I am not faulting blue knob they did what they could with the warm weather and lack of natural snow.  The race course was nerve racking..I was scared stiff.  A combo of crud/icecubes/ice...Next race SEVEN SPRINGS.

The conditions at liberty were better than blue knob..

1/6/2000 Warm day temps in 50's ..The snowmakers at liberty did their   best with making snow in the humid air.  The humidity determines the volume and quality of the snow.  9 trails were open. Limited lift lines less than a min.   The back of the mountain had good coverage with some brown spots marked by poles.   For me it was fast and hard.  Good race training.  It will tend to hurt more if you fall. Remember even new england and out west has a snow and cold weather drought.  Think cold and think snow.  If you snowboard be a good sport and don't sit in the middle of the trails...sit on the side.  Thanks

1/2/2000  A warm day with temps in the 50's.  wet packed snow still 9 trails open at liberty.   Amanda an I skied without gloves and shed most of our clothes. SLopes had been groomed except for upper ultra a 2black with moguls.  I used the same wax and NOTwax as last weekend with great results.  It loved the wet snow.  Base was 15 to 20 inches.  No crowds.  Only a 1 min wait at the lifts if that.  Police still out with moving radar and laser.


Bonnie gave a first hand account of Seven Springs...Wet snow...Held OK during the weekend.

Chris called in with a report from Canaan Valley...wet snow good coverage, Held ok, got worse on Sunday afternoon.

12/31/1999 A warm day with temps in the 50's, wet snow still 9 trails open at liberty. I skied without gloves and shed some clothes.  Base is holding well wet snow but not hard.  No lift lines not crowded.  Same wax and NOTwax as before with good results.  Plenty of police both state and locals..over 5 traps on route 140.

12/26/1999  A great day...Not making snow...The back of liberty was perfect.  Not crowded, no lift lines. Did a few 2black diamonds and the front black  blue streak.  I went with 2 friends we all had a great time.  The Notwax felix process on the skis.  The wax held up and the notwax gave me good speed.  Looking real good for the season , most resorts have a base now and at least 10 trails open.

12/25/1999   Christmas day... Thanks for the cold air present.  The snowmakers did a great job.  Liberty opened up more black and blue runs.  Not crowded. Nice day good conditions...but bring your goggles..

12/24/1999   Ski Liberty...First open day. Limited trails...The snowboard park had some nice manmade snow.

12/04/1999    Trip to Blue Knob. First day to ski for me and my daughter amanda. They only had upper mombo open. about 2000 feet of trail.  Cost was 15$ lift. Temps were in the mid 40's with an overcast cloudy sky.  The clouds helped keep the snow firm and not as slushy as I thought it was going to be. Neither of us fell during the 4 hours of skiing.  But I can say I ache in the muscles a little.  I am glad I went since the temps will be warm this week and not a lot of cold temps to make snow.  Most likely december 18 will be the next time out..  The Maryland state police set up laser/radar on the downslopes of route 70.   Like the after the hill before frederick, hagerstown...  Not much of the PA police or locals out.  Be careful of the deer. We saw a lot that were hit by trucks/cars.

SKI SLOPE CONDITIONS Based on my trips and friends trips


Please drive safe......See you all on the slopes


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The opinions expressed here are just that my opinion based on NOAA trends for weather,  My 400 hours skiing in the area during the last four  winters.. This site is intended to give an idea when snow making and snow conditions are good.  Please check the resort before you go.   Copyright (C) 1998-2000  William E. Fowler III