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Feb 16, 17 Roundtop (28x)

WIS RACE Sat. SL . course held up pretty good for the temps. Lots of bumps on top of exhibition, ramrod and 1/2 of upper layfaettes leap. A few thin areas at the bottom and cut through trails. Sun GS race little colder at night so they made snow and groomed. Overall an A to a+ weekend

Feb 13 Liberty

Race training. Open on Backside is Heavenly, whitneys way,Ultra top to bottom, upper eastwind. front learn to ski area. Nove dipsey an sneaky pete. No pipe, no park!!!! hard packed snow with frozen granular. fast as all get out. Held and edge nice. No line no crowds... B rating. They made snow last night but did not open new terrain. whitetail opened more trails but no blacks or double blacks.

Feb 9,10 Blue Knob (25 x)

Blue knob race weekend Not much open. Trails open Jackrabbit - best not as much rocks!!! Upper and lower expressway -thin cover and rocks. Mombo up -&- low Run out- Nice no rocks but a flat boring run DEER RUN the race course was nice. Sat really nice day. I pulled a Gold. so the conditions could suck and I would not care:) Sunday foggy foggy I actually ski better in the fog!!! fog let up but then rain set in around 1 pm. Eric took gold I got a silver. give it a C- for conditions. I still had a great time. should get better this week as they make some snow.

FEB 6 Liberty

Liberty. Nice. Open blue streak. ah new lights up and at the cross roads to heavenly. heavenly, whitneys way, learn to ski area. upper and lower Ultra, upper Eastwind. No park or adventurea alley. Packed powder/ MG no ice no lines Will give it a B+

Worked on the BOX, Shin/calf , skiing backwards, steering

Feb 2,3 2002 Roundtop (22x)

Went to ROundtop sat cause they were open. I skied NASTAR. Not to bad actually. a combo surface of frozen granular, ice , packed an dloose powdere. They had a 2 black diamond 3 med and 3 green. I would rate it a C. some thins and bare spots. Sunday went back. NASTAR again. Nice cover of packed powder. Mogals up on Ramrod and top of exhibition. SOme frozen granular but soften up a bit noonish. More trails opend up. C+ no line snow, and a good race day. Liberty and whitetail reported only 4 trails each 2 2 easy 2 med. if you are skiing you might want to try roundtop!!! Better base more coverage. Police were out on I-83 most were PA State police. stationary radar. I pulled a Silver in NASTAR each Day, Candy took a Bronze on Sunday.

Jan 27,2002 Liberty Day Triple crown race

Bird...yr ski 6 level 8. Triple Crown race.. Well the course held up on such a warm day. The trails were skiable but you have to be aware of the bare/thin spots which most of them are not marked. Fairly early in the AM was tight. But the warm snow started to stick at 1 :30 pm. Eric was having a blast on the soft bumps. Best trails for carving whitneys way and front side adventure alley. No lines , no real big crowds. Take the sun screen, If you go figure on tonight or tuesday. Forget WED-Fri. Friday colder air coming and snowmaking. Next weekend might not be too bad. I agree with Gina. The snow reports are optimistic. ROundtop may be the best bet for base out of the three resorts.

Jan 26, 2002 Liberty SAT night.

Took a my daughter and friend to Snowboard. I skied the back. Not to bad but there were thin and bare spots.

Whitneys way was a nice run for speed and carving.

JAN 25, 2002 Roundtop Night racing

Lev:8 yrs:6 Went to roundtop for Friday Night racing. A few trails had snow but were closed to save them for the weekend. They were left to ice over which even for an expert is nasty. No lines , not many people there. But I was racing on exhibition. The course was hard packed snow with loose granular surface. like that every where. No thin spots really or bare. icey spots abound. The course had ice when I did my last few runs. near te gates. Pulled a 40 handicap and a a bronze. Halfpipe was open!!!! Was being groomed when I left last night. They also made snow last night when I was leaving. Might even rate them a B to B+ for Sat. and Sun. Temps sat morning were 26 degrees. Get some now before the snow and trails dwindle before the next cold snap. I will give it a C+...overall. Race course was a B+ no lines in NASTAR at all. Check the web pages and call the resort before you go for the latest.


JAN 23 Liberty (DAY 17)

Lev 8 yrs 6 Liberty. Not bad. Nice warm temps, No Ice wet packed granular. Upper Ultra was closed due to snowpack shift leaving a big hole. Upper eastwind looks sweet had bumps. Snowboard park had two giant tabletops / piles of snow. There were thin spots. some not marked at all. a few I told ski patrol about and they marked them with bamboo and red circle. Thin spots .Sidewinder top middle. Lower Ultra, Dipsey at first turn then again across form nastar shack. Best thing to do is do the run slow the first time. If you hit full dirt you will stop and burn. No crowds at all . no lines at all. I will rate it SQ: B+ 7 no ice great to carve in no big mogals BD: C 4 thin spots. but you an ski around them NOT: B 6 mother natures control WHole score 6 B.

Jan 21 Liberty

level 8, yrs 6 I skied with my daughter on the learn to ski area. At 3 pm the lines at the quad were 15 mins, The rental line was 2 hours at one point. I saw Eric and he said the back wasn't as bad. the front new quad to the top had 10 to 15 min line at peak. It snowed and everyone came out to play at the same time. Usually I go to ROundtop but my daughter like Liberty better. There were thin spots on the learn to ski area. Eric said lowere Ultra was getting chewed up a bit maybe some thin areas. Surface was not icey, High moisture packed snow. great for carving . at least on the front side. Rate it SQ Snow quality . B 3.0 PTO Percent trailopen B+ 3.5 BD BAse Depth C 2.0 Total 8.5 B

Jan 19, 20 7Springs

ski lev 8 yrs skiing 6 Ah racing at the 7. the crowds, the steelers. We had to race the nastar course for the GS WSI. Sunday SL 40 gates. leg burner on avalanche. Didn't come in last either days. that is a first for me. packed powder race course was awesome. but there were thin spots on the north face a lot of them and on sunday too the snow report did not mention it at all. They have thin bases in the mogal fields. It did snow but ..that was no big deal 5 inches. the avalanceh course by the second run was icy in spots. a few racers were taken out skiing before the race hurting themselves on green run taht had the snow skied off early. I will give it a B. crowds sucked. why have 3 lines to a lift. ??? They need to have a more accessable ski/board check that is free. I had an adult throw 5 pairs of rental skis on top of my race boards. Her comment "it's a public place, I can do what I want. my comment is parent and adults like you teach children not to respect other peoples' property. this is the same reason we have children on the slopes that do not have the skill for blue and green, never take lessons and hurt themselves and others. Then I witness this all the time Parents pushing the the kids to the blue runs because they get tired of running greens. Countless idiots skiing/boarding into the race couse while in progress or when trails are closed for race training. I do not understand why a 6 inch orange tape across a trail is so hard for people to figure out that the trail or course is closed for a reason. The whole idea to skiing and boarding is to turn. All I see is snowboarders with broken arms and head injuries cause they insist on going straight down or not to where protective pads. I agree with SuperG. I am glad my daughter knows how to respect others rights. We as parents need to make sure we set that example. and get lessons. When your ego takes over your next trip might be to the hospital. and then to the lawyer because if you caused the injury to people or property, your parent or you youself as an adult can be held liable for damages. I know most of us do the right thing. sorry to flame!!


Jan 16

loose frozen granular..on all trails that had traffic. Some thin areas especially Lower Ultra. It was fast , Mogal field on lower eastwind looks great. we set a race course on whitneys nice and fast. If you are a beginner it will be a little tougher. need more balance.. C turns for control of speed. Rate it a C+. By the weekend colder nighttime temps will allow snowmaking, recovery of thins areas. llooking good for the Holiday weekend. maybe 1 to 2 iunches of snow sat evening. more packed powder by mid weekend. Rating this weekend B to A-. No lines or crowds

JAN 12- 13

Some thin areas but plenty of snow cover. Heavy moist large grain snow frozen granular. Nice bumps on Bold Decision. little more muddy on far side. Pay attention..rate it a B, The sun was nice. not really any crowds. Sunday. Same on Sunday no icy spots just some thin cover here and there. Snomaking did resume at Liberty , roundtop so the cover there should be better because of tree cover blocking he Sun. The Sun at whitetail will make the snow evaporate quicker. Expect snowmaking all week at all three areas.

I will rate Whitetail a B- because of thin cover. Plenty was open no crowds or lines.

Jan 9, 2002 10 times skiing so far..

ski level 8 Yrs skiing 6 jan 9 , 2002 SKI Liberty Night 6 to 9 pm packed wet snow not ice. great for carving. No nasty mogal buildups. Thin spot a couple. neat high traffic turn area at bottom and tops of lift. Back quad blew a switch. a small line formed o teh back but cleared out when the second quad was put online. All trails nice...Warm out 45 degrees F. Wind picked up later at night will dry out the snow a little. Lights are out on Heavenly at the junction at whitneys way, Blue streek, freedom tail. Rating a A.

JAN 5, 6 2002

Blue Knob..Race weekend WSI. Candya Eric and I raced this weekend at Blue Knob. Little sparse and thin spots on some trails, little rocks, big rocks. Well it snowed Sun and now with a 12 inch dump more trail are open with less traffic on each. A real nice dump of snow for Whitetail 9 inches, Liberty and Roundtop picked up 4 inches. I rate it now a B to A-.. Blue Knob a little worse cause of the thin spots and lack of water for Snowmaking. WSI results.. SATURDAY GS on JACKRABBIT. The course was set based on the snow base depth. The course was very technical on both days. fast than slow than fast if you did it right. I was able to squeek out a Bronze, Candy in her fist WSI race did a great job picking up 5th place in a field of 7. Sunday a Mod GS dual pole gates. Still a technical course. Both days even the fastest racers pulled 1 minute times..A usual NASTAR run is 20 to 30 secs. The NASTAR at the bottom at Blu Knob is 15 to 18 secs. Eric Mosel came up a big winner. His first Gold in 2 years on the circuit. Way to go !!!! I took 4th missed 3rd by .83 sec. Candy pulled a nice 4th place finish. Great points for the team. Everyone di a great job. Next week Whitetail on teh NASTAR course. SAT GS dual gates, Sunday dual slalom single pole gates.

SNOWBOARDERS If you are 18 or over your points count this year. So come on out....Only Race the GS Saturdays.

Jan 2, 2002

Ski Liberty for Night Club Card first night. I went up with Marlow took Eldersburg to rt. 26 to 550. to rt 15 to 140 emmitsburg. Nice drive. Something different not many cars. a few little towns. Libertytown & thurmont. No radar. Liberty was not too crowded. Marlow had his pic taken and his card in 5 minutes at guest services. No lines on the back. a little one on the quad in front. skiers and boarders remember to quad up when there is a line and be ready to get on the lift. Shoot the bull at the top please. the front runs were nice not icey or skied off. The snow was very dry. Icey spots on the back in spots especially Upper heavenly near the left chute. always stay right for the better conditions. trust me. Best runs to train on because of less bumps was adventure ally on the front mid way nice snow. and on whitneys way. a medium on the back but stay right to avoid ice. Two ambulances came and went. One boarder had 3 teeth knocked out. I noticed a lot of beginners on hills they shouldn't be on. Turning is the key to control. Liberty now 85% open, good base B+ Whitetail more open B- Roundtop B

JAN 1, 2002

Ok I am just a little tired. Went to whitetail with Candy. She is great in the bumps which were everywhere. Only 65% open . Black diamond side only had Bold decision..and it was tough..they were blowing the middle black. They also moved the snowboard park to the left of the middle 4 trails. Best run for carve and speed was the race course trail. rest had bumps, snowmaking everywhere. No crowds , no lines. Should open more trails each day. I was tired no when to say when... Candy being the bump skier and fast enjoyed the day. I did manage the superman forward air dive when I got taken out low from the side by a snowboarder. My ski pole took the hit but I got air. remember to keep the hands up so you don't mangle them. My helmet face guard saved my beautiful face and chin:). He was a young boy not to big. I told hem next time lay it down. I really thought I was going to make it by him. No one was hurt.

Dec, 31, 2001

Took a friend Teresa up to Liberty for Night Skiing. No lift lines , no waits no crowds. There were uneven bumps espc. on top of heavenly. Icy spots here and there. More ice to middle and left of trails. Remember to go to the right to find the powder. It was a real nicetime even thought it was 15 degrees. We ate at the tavern and relaxed while the band played some music from the 80's and 90's. Teresa did great. especially on the ice. I even feel more confident on the ice. dainty is how to do the a cat. easy on the edge. Perfect end to the year. Whitneys way was a nice trail to train on or if you were looking for the less ice spot trail.

Dec, 28, 29,30, 2001

OK Skied a lot the last 3 days. I was a Liberty Mtn resort on each day. Snowmakers did a great job with putting out the white stuff. Each day they opened 2 trails. The back side now has 3 upper and 4 lower trails. The front is all open except White Litening. Each day it gets better, Parking lot was filled each day. there is a shuttle to take you to the front circle. A little wait on the front lifts but not too bad. Back had both lifts going. The south pole has a bigger deck. Beautiful out on Fri and saturday. Grooming was good, some ice spots on Sunday. cold dry snow, Base is getting hard which is good. More runs also distributes the skier/boarder traffic. Good rating B+ for conditions. Going to Liberty this afternoon and whitetail on Tuesday...

DECEMBER 25, 2001

Blue Knob PA. Limited trails, no lines or waits, great parking. It snowed during the day for a white christmas. No police radar on the way. See the ski rating guide.. C rating. many rocks and twigs, grooming could have been done better. But hey I could not break my ski on christmas record. Next trip to Liberty Friday. Snowmaking through Jan 7 2002 Cold everywhere.


Please drive safe......See you all on the slopes


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